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Friday, September 4, 2009

Pay-Per-Click Banner Pricing Now Available

SEO for Traffic

Pay-Per-Click Banner Pricing Now Available

Today we announced that graphical banner advertisers may choose to pay per click (CPC) instead of per impression (CPM).

When direct-response advertisers pay per impression, they assume the full risk of impressions that may never convert into clicks or sales. By opting into AdBrite’s CPC auction, advertisers can lower their risk by paying only when a banner is clicked.

To get started as a CPC banner advertiser, just set your CPC bid, daily budget, and targeting criteria. The minimum bid allowed is 20-cents per click. The higher your bid, the higher the likelihood that your ad will win auctions and be displayed on the sites you want.

Click here to get started or email

For more information, see our press release here.


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SEO for traffic: Pay-Per-Click Banner Pricing Now Available